Who are we?

The need for a clear space to discuss the future of examination and certification in Scotland arose from a discussion between Isabelle Boyd (@CoradCor1), George Gilchrist (@GilchristGeorge), James McEnaney (@MrMcEnaney), Neil McLennan (@neiledinburgh), Robin Macpherson (@robin_macp) and Harold Raitt (@mr_raitt).

But we want this forum to be a genuinely open space for sharing thoughts, facts and proposals about exams in Scotland. Over just a few days, 700+ followers have joined us, ready to start the discussion on Twitter @examscot, or with the hashtag #examscot.

The following additional individuals have already expressed their enthusiasm to join in the discussion here on the website by contributing opinions and proposals:

  • Professor Bob Davies
  • Gillian Hunt
  • Professor Emeritus Brian Boyd
  • Barry Black
  • Drew Burrett
  • Iain White
  • Peter John Yuill
  • Russell Taylor
  • Eileen Imlah
  • Ben Kirk
  • Angela Jaap

If you’d like to join this list, do email us at mail@exam.scot, send us a Direct Message on Twitter, or message us via our Facebook page.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways to get involved with exam.scot:

  • Read and comment on the facts and opinions here at exam.scot
  • Join in the discussion on Twitter by using the #examscot hashtag, and following our central account @examscot
  • Join the discussion on our Facebook page
  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll add some polls and surveys to the site …
  • If you’d like to submit your opinions, or contribute to a fact-based article, do in touch with us at mail@exam.scot or by direct message on Twitter; we’d love to feature your thoughts or research on the site.
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